Do I have to go to Traffic Survival School (TSS) even though I have already paid the fine for running a red  light?

Yes. When you pay the fine or go before the judge, the court sends the conviction information to the MVD. This is a two point violation. After August 2001, anyone convicted of a red light violation must attend a TSS class. If a defensive driving class is taken in lieu of the fine or going before the judge, this TSS class is not mandated.

Will this class take points off of my driving  record?

No. TSS is mandated by MVD and must be attended within 60 days of the letter  you received or your license will be suspended. We are not a Defensive Driving School which is an option through the courts for tickets of 2 to 3 points. If you have already paid your fine for the red light running ticket, you no longer have the option to attend Defensive Driving for that violation.

If I did not receive my letter in time and my  license is suspended what will happen once I take this class?

Once you have completed your eight hour class and received your Certificate of Completion (COC) you will be eligible to apply for reinstatement of your license at any MVD location. Please be sure to retain the white copy of the COC for your files. This copy is your proof of completing the course.

How do I pay for the class?

You can pay for the class when you arrive with either cash a money order or cashier’s check.

Will there be a lunch break?

You will receive a lunch break and are welcome to go to a local restaurant to get something to eat or you are welcome to bring food and drink to class.