A Day or Night Traffic Survival School

We are a state licensed certified traffic survival school, which has successfully provided quality instruction since 1999. We are dedicated to providing essential information to our students with personal service with a student-friendly, positive learning environment. We have locations across the valley with classes on weekends, weekdays, and weeknights to meet your needs.

Traffic Survival School

A mandated class from the MVD (Motor Vehicle Division), when the following criteria have been reached:
Eight points or more accumulated in a one year time frame, with the year beginning on the date of the first infraction.

Conviction of any infraction having eight points:

  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Exhibition of Speed
  • Drag Racing
  • Road Rage
Conviction of a red light violation
Any driver under the age of 18 having any points on their MVD record

“Even though I didn’t  come here for “DUI”, I feel very knowledgeable about the laws and how precious my life and others around me are.  So, driving safely is very important.”
Rae Ann
“Very upbeat, serious and informative!”
“I feel I will use information I learned today.  Some laws are very different  from what I thought!”
“I truly didn’t think I’d learn anything.  I am shocked!  I learned A LOT!”
“I came here because of a DUI and felt I’d be ‘looked-down-on’.  Boy was I wrong!  The instructor was very supportive and positive in her approach.  I left  feeling like I could change my behavior and more aware of my responsibility to other drivers.  If I drink – someone else is going to drive!”
“I wasn’t looking forward to spending 8 hrs. of being lectured to.  To my surprise, the instructor was very informative, entertaining and made the time pass quickly.  I really got some valuable information which I believe will really help me to make better driving decisions in the future.”